Diamond Swimwear

We represent a brand new luxury brand for beach-goers. Not only in the water but also for lovers of sunbathing. Our guideline is the smoking hot, yet elegant look with glittering, playful elements that make every woman feel beautiful and special when hitting the beach.

We work with the most modern and the finest materials to create designer bathing suits and swimwear that are not yet present in our small country. Bikinis are made exclusively by hand, so the decoration of the bikinis can vary between clothes. Each piece is made entirely unique with special attention. Sunbathing bikinis are made with laces, imported gemstones and crystals.

When the sun hits the crystals, you will be surrounded by glitter that will catch everyone’s gaze. If you haven’t felt special lately, you will be today! Be the sexiest in the summer and let yourself fall into the glamorous world of beauty and luxury.